As my time is Washington is quickly waning, it is hard to look back and believe that I have already been here for over two months.  It seems like only yesterday that I said goodbye to my family and boarded an airplane for the first time, and set off to explore an exciting new chapter of my life.  This chapter of my life, the chapter about looking for and taking the steps toward a career in Washington are something that I have worked very hard for and spent most of my life fantasizing about.

During my summer in Washington, the life lessons I have learned, the experiences I have gained, and the people I have met have all been more than I could have ever expected.

I have truly cherished the opportunities that National Farmers Union has given me this summer. Working on the Farm Bill was a wonderful combination of challenges, education, and reward.  Knowing that the policy we were working on in our office and later went onto the House and Senate floors to become law that literally affects the everyday life and well being of my home community was an incredibly rewarding experience that made me very proud to work for our organization.  The opportunity to attend various meetings, briefings, and receptions allowed me to learn so much about agricultural policy, networking for my future, and meeting other interns that became great friends.

In addition to the tremendous amount that I have learned about agriculture and politics, I have also learned a lot about life and myself.  I have learned to evaluate my values, politically and otherwise, to readjust those that perhaps were previously misguided, and to stand by those I hold dear. I have learned to open my eyes and my mind to new things and a different way of life.  Most off all, I have learned to appreciate that people are different from each other, and they are allowed to disagree.

I am incredibly excited to return back home to my small town community, my family and, of course to my love of farm work.  At the same time, I am saddened to leave this place that has so quickly become my home.  I will greatly miss the work I’ve been able to do this summer. I will miss bragging to all of my intern friends about how I have the best job. I will miss being a part of something that is so vital to rural America. Most off all, I will miss the wonderful family that took me into their home and the coworkers that have welcomed me, respected me, and become friends I won’t soon forget.

I am truly thankful for the experiences and opportunities that National Farmers Union has given me. I am thankful for and incredibly proud to work for the over 200,000 family farmers and ranchers that NFU represents.

Thank you for everything,

Cory Harris
Government Relations Intern
Summer 2012

For more information about NFU’s internship program, contact NFU Education Director Maria Miller.

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